Welcome to the

Business Resource Network (BRN)

Our Goal is to help you identify, understand and access the services your business needs.

The Business Resource Network (BRN) is a collaborative and systematic process that provides individual businesses with a single point of contact in order to address challenges and opportunities and tap into the collective resources of workforce, economic development and education partners.  This collaborative philosophy moves from transactional services to a disciplined and consistent partnership structure.


Involving the region's chambers of commerce, workforce and economic development organizations, universities, colleges, career and technical centers, community organizations, and state and local government agencies, the BRN connects multiple systems that create a seamless service system delivering more effective and efficient business delivery services, facilitating coordination of outreach, services and resources across programs and funding streams in order to provide coordinated solutions to businesses.


The goal is to do everything possible to retain businesses in the region and help them grow by delivering key services and incentives with as little hassle and bureaucracy as possible.

Mission Statement

The Business Resource Network helps regional businesses thrive, grow and create jobs by bringing a strategic and collaborative approach to solving their problems and expanding their opportunities.

This client-centered approach transcends individual programs and red tape to focus on meeting the complete business service needs of the client and delivering measurable results to our clients and communities.

Vision Statement

Enrich Communities by Building Stronger Businesses.
 WHAT IF ...
 You could make one call to connect you with dozens of resources that can help your business grow?
 WHAT IF ...
 You had the brain power of several experts working on a growth plan for your business or to help you meet a challenge?
 WHAT IF ...
 You had one point of contact working hand in hand with you to deliver a package of grants, loans, worker training and other resources custom designed for your business?
 WHAT IF ...
 You could do this right now with no charge?